Matz Skoog’s 21 tips!

Want to start a career as a dancer?

Yesterday, December 9th, the Royal Academy of Dance posted on twitter @RADheadquarters Mr. Skoog’s tips!

Matz Skoog, former artistic director at English National Ballet, known everywhere as ‘Ballet Master, Teacher, Coach. And Life Coach’ gives some advices to young dancers, from how to send a CV to well behaving.

Here they are!

Matz Skoog at New Zealand School of Dance

Mr Skoog’s last tip: think of auditions as an opportunity to perform (not an exam) as you are looking to be employed as a performer

Mr Skoog’s 20 tip: be prepared to work in all sorts of climates, don’t under estimate different climates around the world!

Mr Skoog’s 19 tip: appear self-sufficient – although not arrogant. Be prepared to use your voice, to speak and even to sing!

Mr Skoog’s 18 tip: competition nowadays is really stiff. You might get interviewed – be prepared, do your research on the school/ company!

Mr Skoog’s 17 tip: have a solo that you practise all the time. It keeps you focussed and you’ll have it ready in case you get asked!

Mr Skoog’s 16 tip: when you go to an audition, have more pairs of shoes in your bag in case you snap an elastic!

Mr Skoog’s 15 tip: in an open audition, have a simple but distinctive accessory which makes it easier to talk about you

Mr Skoog’s 14 tip: keep your style simple and smart

Mr Skoog’s 13 tip: in an open audition, go and ask something intelligent, be remembered!

Mr Skoog’s 12 tip: if you make mistakes, just keep going, don’t show frustration. Problem solving qualities are important!

Mr Skoog’s 11 tip: if you are doing a ballet audition, use the piano as a barre (if the pianist allows it!) you will always be seen

Mr Skoog’s 10 tip: first impressions are really important. Stand up when you are on the phone to feel and be confident

Mr Skoog’s 9 tip: Be prepared to improvise in an audition. Maybe have some movements that you can build on to

Mr Skoog’s 8 tip: do your research before applying for a place or for an audition

Mr Skoog’s 7 tip: if you are sending a folder, use regular, cheap folders which would fit in regular file holders!

Mr Skoog’s 6 tip: if you send a DVD, make sure you state on the cover how long it is (6 min max!)

Mr Skoog’s 5 tip: keep your CV honest & short, don’t mention everything you ever did only the relevant stuff!

Mr Skoog’s 4 tip: attach maximum 4 pictures to your application; one natural head shot, one arabesque for a dancing shot

Matz Skoog’s 3 tip: make sure your covering letter fits on 1 sheet of paper keep a copy of your correspondence & follow up with a phone call

Matz Skoog’s second tip: be brief in your email or letter and get yourself a business address

Matz Skoog’s first tip: if you are applying for a position, know the name of the person you are writing to!


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