Momix and the Alchemy of illusion

Momix_AlchemyFlames of fire enveloping the curtains, a lonely huge fish crossing the stage as in its own environment, trees and roots moving on the backcloth, lights that keep on drawing their own dance. Moses Pendleton is the Magician of Alchemy, his last creation for the American company of MOMIX. And he wants to bring the audience in his own world of dreamy creativeness, beauty and illusion. Fire, water, earth and air: four elements to mix and dance with in order to obtain the elixir of life.

The performance has been divided in two parts: a short one, “Quest for_FireWater”, led by the colour red as flames that wrap the stage and the dancers, until the sound of water wipes everything out. The second, “Led into Gold”, where Pendleton has the high task of giving life to the new element using the powerful nature. And as a modern Magician he uses all the new techniques: videos, music, lights are masterfully played. The dancers now move in the element of air; white is the lead colour, light is used to make us dream. There are all the latest trends, from the use of ropes to simulate the aerial flight to dancing in the dark wearing a lightsuit. We are lead through a gallery of ingredients which should bring us to the craved elixir. From doll dancers who spin on the ground, to a romantic pas-de-deux surrounded by diamond lights, up to a play of mirrors that multiply the dancers until silver becomes gold.

The ingredients are all present but in this production the performers are less physically bent and – maybe because it was still a preview – little precise. The movements are often repeated playing more with multimedia than human body. As this time irony is less used we need to dive even more into the sense of mystery, but all those small imperfections wake us up. All Peter Pan among the audience were satisfied with Pendleton’s Neverland, but those looking for the philosopher’s stone found the greatness of the ingredients (the four elements) not always well-measured. If we have to think at the greatness of Newton and the spiritual beauty of Yeats – as Pendleton mention – maybe the potion of the apprentice magicians should be cooked a little bit more.

Lara Crippa

“Alchemy” by Moses Pendleton – MOMIX
Mondial preview, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, 26/01/2013


29 gennaio/3 febbraio                                Mestre                Teatro Toniolo
Premiere:           5 febbraio/10 febbraio                 Ravenna              Teatro D. Alighieri
13/17 febbraio                                                Trieste                 Teatro D. Rossetti
20/24 febbraio                                                Bari                        Teatro Petruzzelli
26 febbraio / 24 marzo                                 Milano                 Teatro Nuovo
2/3 aprile                                                            Lucca                    Teatro del Giglio
6/7 aprile                                                            Brescia                 PalaBrescia


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