Diving into a scattered world

Scattered_MotionhouseIf you want to dream, be child-like surprised, dive into a parallel world with no gravity and owned by Nature, Scattered is a show you must see. Motionhouse, one of the leading dance theatre companies in the UK, brings seven dancers on a stage to make us follow the story of a drop of water and how elements can interact with human beings.

Performing on a giant curved floor like a snowboard half-pipe, the choreographer and artistic director Kevin Finnanhas – together with the Spanish Logela MULTIMEDIA – has made the dancers interplay with both stage structure and videos played on it, becoming a part of it.

The result is a journey from the cold glaciers to the dry deserts. Following a stream of water that freezes the performances into ice cubes, frees them into running water, dries them into reptilian shapes, passing through a pond of water until they are loose again to bounce out a water fall.
The dancers are strong athletes that with simple repeated contemporary passages create a continuous interaction with the set almost merging with it, surfing on it, remaining suspended in aerial grips, always accompanied by the onomatopoeia rhythm of music.

Maybe there aren’t deep layers of interpreting, maybe the word “dance theater” has created different expectations, but Motionhouse is a strong contemporary dance company that make you dream fluid thoughts, make you enjoy one hour of serenity and carelessness, bring you in a cartoon where you would like to play as well. All done with a precise, never redundant, technique.

Lara Crippa

“Scattered”, Motionhouse,  seen at Teatro Verdi,  Padua (Italy) on 20/04/2013


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