Alice grows up

To have fun… this is what fairy tales are meant for. Enter in a magic world, far from yours, where you can recreate yourself, dress a new character, dream of new encounters. But fairy tales are written by human beings, and have always been full of monsters, evil characters, almost impossible quests to obtain redemption – no escape to ourselves even in the wonderland. Alice makes no exemption, and not so strangely is more a tale for adults, maybe because you can’t avoid Carroll’s excess of love for young girls. Still, Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland, has grabbed the attention of many famous film and stage directors, and of course choreographers, with all those incredible changing of space and time.

The international Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti keeps on saying that he wants his audience to enjoy, but he makes you no simple life. It’s an adult who wishes to rest a while in an enchanted world, but he hasn’t clearly put both feet in the Rabbit Hole. The result is an incredible portrait of Lewis Carroll, who opens and closes the production with a perfect ending. On stage the musician and director of the company, Eric Gauthier, seduces the audience with all this nonsense, introducing the ingenious idea of two Alice: a big beautiful red-hair Anna Süheyla Harms, and a very tiny blond Garazi Perez Oloriz. Motherly, caring and dreamy the first, exuberant, inquiring and dynamic the second; their different height is a real wonder, as the small one literally comes out free and childish from the growing body of the other one. Their long hair is part of the choreography, as theatre curtain where you can hide and peer, strong rope easy to grab, shining beauty to appeal.



To render the wondrous world Carlo Cerri has created a background video that wraps the audience in a ever-changing world with huge libraries that empty their shelves, aquariums, ballrooms, labyrinths, and ceilings full of turning cups and teapots. On their side, the dancers too recreate charming shapes, like dragons with seducing coils, spreading temptations and gathering back together on the pulsating rhythm of the Assurd. The music underlines and breaks every passage, with instruments and laughs, like a group of witches who weave a net of dream, danger and seduction. Still the real wonder is made by dance, how dancers play with their bodies, bend them, launch them, pulse them, recreating thousands of new shape, always sensual and extremely human.

Lara Crippa

“Alice” by Mauro Bigonzetti, with Gauthier Dance
seen at Teatro Comunale, Vicenza on 13/12/2014

Interview to Mauro Bigonzetti @corriereveneto




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