Mats Ek, the choreographer


The Choreographer Mats Ek - Koreografen Mats Ek Documentary

The Choreographer Mats Ek – Koreografen Mats Ek

In May 2013, for the 240th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Ballet, critically acclaimed choreographer Mats Ek has created a new version of Romeo and Juliet, retitled Juliet & Romeo, to illustrate the crucial role of Juliet in this tragedy [click to watch the trailer]. Filmmakers Andreas Söderberg and Björn Eriksson have been there from early on in the process, making a documentary with an unique insight into Mats Ek´s artistic process and how he gets to the dancers.

The result is a film of 58 min lenght – The Choreographer Mats Ek – that provides the opportunity to observe the master at work and to learn more about his train of thoughts. Ek admits that he is not able to create when there is someone watching him. Before the dancers’ arrival, he spends two hours alone in the studio. Admirably, he can do most of the dance steps himself, despite his age (69). He radiates peace, balance, humbleness and natural respect. Dancers – from Ana Laguna to Niklas Ek, Mariko Kida, Marie Lindqvist, Jerôme Marchand, Anthony Lomuljo among others – agree that working on the roles, which Ek attributes with movement and emotional characters, is very challenging.





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