Improvising: from Carolyn Carlson to Sara Orselli

Immersion-carolyn-carlsonLong limbs, Finnish presence, and those piercing eyes that charm and seize your soul. Carolyn Carlson has the simplicity and generosity of all great people, no need to show off anything as their personality is so outstanding and involving that brings you straight inside their life.
We are in Bassano during Operaestate festival 2015 to assist at Short Sories – three performances by Carolyn Carlson | Dance Company: All that falls (duo with Juha Marsalo and Céline Maufroid), Immersion (solo with/by Carolyn Carlson) and Mandala (solo with Sara Orselli).

"SHORT STORIES" - Choregraphie: Carolyn Carlson - Interpretation : Sara Orselli - Au  Colisee de Roubaux le  26.05.2010

CLICK TO READ THE INTERVIEW TO Carolyn Carlson on what is dance and the contemporary world, through a journey that goes from La Biennale of Venice to the Paris Opera.

CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON Sara Orselli, her solo Mandala, and her invaluable relation Carolyn Carlson.

via ABCDance


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