Dancing with Parkinson

A striking and moving meeting, not for pity but for the amazement of watching people from all over the world sat together sharing experiences to find a common, and at the same time peculiar, way to help people with Parkinson through dance. A roundtable, held in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) during BMotion dance 2014 – an occasion for having artists, teachers, researchers, patients, students, all together telling their story not for creating a memory but in order to build a possible real future.

Living example and leader of the meeting Marc Vlemmix, affected with Parkinson and founder of Dance for Health & Parkinson in Rotterdam, together with Andrew Greenwood, creator of the classes based on the common movements and principles between dance and Parkinson. Great sharing of experiences with the German reality, through Monica Gilette and Josef Mackert of Theater Freiburg, along with the participation of Yasmeen Godder for a future development in Israel. Important witness Sara Houston, researcher at the English National Ballet on the impact that dance can have on Parkinson’s disease. Besides the presence of Laurent Potter, dancer and teacher recently approaching these classes, also some Italian dancers who have recently attended the training course in Bassano, Rotterdam and Maastricht to start teaching dance at people affected with PD. Coordinating mind of this heterogeneous group Roberto Casarotto, promoter of the project in Bassano.

Read the article on ABCDance

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